In Rant, Alberto Del Rio Blames WWE For Paige Leak – Says He’s Never Coming Back To Company

Alberto Del Rio is upping his verbal war against WWE.

Del Rio has been ranting on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope blaming WWE for the leaking of Paige’s stolen photos and videos and for trying to ruin both of their careers.

His first rant came on Thursday while walking with Paige through NYC’s Time Square. Del Rio drunkenly attacked someone in WWE with a “big F*ckin nose” which seems to be a shot at Triple H.


On Friday night Del Rio went off again, accusing WWE of purposefully leaking the videos and photos of Paige. An accusation he has hinted at before.


Del Rio also claims that WWE has contacted him to bring him back, but says he is “never ever” going back to WWE.

There are a few moments in the video where Del Rio attacks WWE (with whom Paige is still employed) and Paige tries to stop him. Throughout the videos, Paige is just along for the ride and spends most of her time confirming details of Del Rio’s wrestling schedule or trying to stop him from attacking WWE. Towards the end of the second video when Del Rio says “I know it was you” in reference to the leaked videos, Paige’s hand can be seen trying to cover Del Rio’s mouth to stop him from talking. It is clear she doesn’t want this accusation getting out there. Whether or not she believes is up for speculation.

The rant also seems to confirm Paige’s April 1st tweet that she is pregnant with Del Rio’s child. Or maybe it is still a joke?

It is hard to get a grasp on anything Del Rio is saying. It is clear that he is upset with the way WWE treated him and Paige by suspending them both for wellness violations and putting them in bad feuds and match-ups.

A lot of fans have been worried that Paige is the one who was having problems, and she undoubtedly is, but it appears Del Rio is the one who is taking those frustrations and airing them out in public.

Throughout her whole ordeal, Paige has been graceful and mostly silent on commenting. When she does she thanks her fans for their support and doesn’t seem to attack WWE or Brad Maddox (the man believed to be in the videos).

I think we can all appreciate Del Rio trying his best to protect and stand-up for his wife, but at this point, you have to wonder if he is doing more harm than good?

I don’t forsee him or Paige coming back to WWE anytime soon. Paige may come back around the time the movie based on her life is released, but I don’t think we’ll see her wrestling in a WWE ring again.

What are your thoughts on the Del Rio and Paige situation? Is WWE or Triple H to blame? Share your thoughts.

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