Former UFC Commentator Mike Goldberg Under Consideration To Replace Mauro On Smackdown

With Mauro Ranallo and WWE officially parting ways, it is being reported that former UFC broadcaster Mike Goldberg could be in the running to commentate on Smackdown Live.

A Voice With Credentials

Goldberg was the voice of UFC before being let go early this year. While some hardcore fans didn’t like Goldberg because of a perceived “lack of expertise”, he gained a lot of respect for bringing a professional voice to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Vince hired Mauro because he wanted someone with combat sports experience to add a layer of legitimacy that deep-in-kayfabe Michael Cole just doesn’t have. Wrestling has already evolved because of MMA’s popularity. Wrestling fans want to hear about moves as well as storylines. Goldberg also has the name recognition that Mauro lacked and could bring a few UFC fans back to WWE.

What Could Go Wrong

Clearly, there were other factors that led to Mauro’s departure beyond bullying, perhaps Vince didn’t want someone calling it straight-up like a fight. Vince is notorious for not letting certain words be uttered by commentators that can tie to an actual sport.

Perhaps Vince could learn from this mistake and work with Goldberg so that the UFC commentator could retain his combat sports style while adding in the “sports entertainment” that McMahon prefers.

WWE has a checkered past of bringing actual sports commentators into the fold. Mike Adamle comes to mind as a notable fail:

Also, WWE likes to grow their own talent both in and out the ring. Tom Phillips has been training for years on NXT and smaller shows to eventually replace Michael Cole. Bringing in a new name with their own style could possibly clash with the specific way that Vince wants WWE announced.

If this turns out to be true, it would be a good addition. However, a lot of people would be highly skeptical that another MMA commentator could last under Vince’s demands.

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