Former Smackdown Commentator Mauro Ranallo Calling McGregor-Mayweather

Mauro Ranallo

Mauro Ranalloe moved on pretty quickly from WWE and has already found another announcing gig!


While Mauro was still calling boxing on Showtime, he was doing that on American soil and not calling MMA events.


AND now it looks like Mauro will be calling the fight of the year: Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr!

This seems to confirm that Mauro is done with WWE for good. As for what’s next for him, Ranallo says he is taking it easy:


This is when it hit home for me that Mauro isn’t coming back to WWE. It is a shame that WWE messed up this situation so badly. Mauro was a unique voice that added a “shoot” fight quality to WWE. His unique style of calling matches may have contributed to his undoing. Dave Meltzer also speculated that people were upset about Mauro retweeting all the congratulations on Twitter for receiving Announcer of the Year from the Wrestling Observer.

Whatever it was, I am glad Mauro is back on his feet and is calling combat sports. In my mind, he’s the best announcer in the business. If another wrestling promotion is smart (Impact may need another full-time announcer) then they would sign up Mauro. Though that might not happen for a while as Mauro’s contract is through August.

It seems WWE is content to let this all blow over. Though with fans chanting “Fire JBL” at events and showing “JBL bullied me” signs on television, there’s a chance it could change. JBL has already softened his personality a bit on television, though it remains to be seen if that will last.

I just wish WWE and JBL would “B A Star” and fess up to this situation. Obviously, there are things we don’t know about and the story is always more complicated, but I think it would do everyone well to get the full story out there as much as possible.

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