Dave Meltzer Reveals The Secret To Stopping Roman Reigns: Silence

The crowd at the Raw after Wrestlemania 33 let Roman Reigns have it.

For nearly ten minutes, the man who defeated the Undertaker was showered with boos, jeers, chants, and insults. It was a reaction that hasn’t been seen in WWE in years. The entire crowd seemed united in their hatred of Roman. They wanted him to go away. They wanted him to fail.

But it is his yard now. He’s not going anywhere. But as long as he’s here, the fans will keep booing. But what if that doesn’t work? Does booing Reigns have the opposite “desired” effect? Probably.

If you REALLY hate Reigns and want him off TV or at least out of the main event picture, the Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer says all you have to do is be quiet.


It should be obvious by now, but if you think the boos phase Roman or WWE, then you are wrong.

The worst reaction that a WWE Superstar can get is no reaction. Whether cheering or booing, you’re showing that you have an interest in seeing that person succeed or fail.

Last night the fans were yelling at Roman to “go away” but deep down they want him to come back. They need someone to boo and to hate.

Roman is filling a void of a true heel. Trips himself has admitted that Roman is a heel, albeit a non-traditional one. Whether WWE will use this to turn Roman into the ultimate bad-guy remains to be seen.

But if you want Reigns gone then you tone down on the chants and the boos. Sit down, cross your arms, or just go to the bathroom. The silence will be deafening and could be the only antidote┬áto ending Reigns’ push if that is what fans actually want.

Do you think “silence” is a sound strategy? Share your thoughts.

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