April 3rd Raw After Mania Preview: #ThankYouTaker

Last night’s Wrestlemania 33 was one for the ages. We had shocking results and surprise returns galore.

But perhaps the biggest story coming out of last night was Undertaker’s defeat and apparent retirement.

This all leads into what is probably the second biggest night in WWE, the Raw after Wrestlemania.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing tonight:

Thank You, Taker

Last night, the Undertaker lost a brutal match to Roman Reigns. But the real story was Undertaker leaving his gear in the ring and having an emotional send-off with the crowd and his family. Will the Undertaker address the Universe tonight and make his retirement official? If so, that will be the biggest story coming out of tonight’s Raw.

Monday Night Deletion

The other major surprise last night was the triumphant return of the Hardy Boyz. Their long-rumored debut caused an eruption in the crowd and they ended up winning the Raw Tag Team titles. The Hardys’ (mostly Matt’s) total reinvention made them the talk of the wrestling world for most of the last year. Who challenges them for the titles?

Will we get an Enzo vs. #BrokenMatt talk-off?

But even more fundamental, will the “Broken” characters make it to WWE? WWE has already made reference to them in social media and Michael Cole exclaimed that things would be “broken” during last night’s match.

Roman’s Yard

It is the Big Dog’s yard now, whether we like it or not. Roman Reigns conquered the Undertaker in what was the biggest challenge of his career. The question is, what does WWE do with this? The crowd hated Roman defeating the Deadman, but they’ve also hated everything Roman has done. Yet fans still keep reacting to him and keep paying to see him, hoping he will lose.

Roman is going to get showered with boos tonight. Will WWE keep leaning into it? Will they fully embrace the hate and turn Roman into the bad guy?

Our speculation that Roman had to lose turned out to be wrong, considering the retirement angle. But he still has the chance to go full heel. Or we could be totally wrong.

Who Steps Up To the Beast?

Brock Lesnar won the Universal Title from Goldberg in convincing fashion. The Beast is officially back. With Goldberg seemingly out of the picture, who will challenge Lesnar?

A logical choice could be a returning Finn Balor, who never truly lost the Universal Title and is owed a “re-match” at least.

Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins could also be in the mix.

Returns and Debuts:

The Raw after Mania is where people make big debuts and returns.

Everyone is expecting Finn Balor, who has been wrestling on house shows for about a month, to make his return to TV.

As for NXT debuts: Shinsuke Nakamura, Andre “Cien” Almas, and Tye Dillinger are all expected to be called up, whether to Smackdown or Raw.

As for true surprises? Who knows. When WWE really wants to keep a secret, they will. Anyone from RVD to Shelton Benjamin could be the mix for tonight, too.

What do you think will go down on tonight’s Raw? 

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