April 17th Raw Preview: Strongman Strowman

After last week’s “Superstar Shake Up” here is what we are expecting to see on the April 17th episode of Monday Night Raw!

Is Finn Out Againn?

Last week Finn Balor suffered a concussion at the hands, or forearm rather, of Jinder Mahal.

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Balor JUST returned from a months-long injury stint and was building momentum for a feud against former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. There’s been no official word and confirmation on how long Finn will be out. Hopefully, he will be at Raw this week to speak on the matter. At least Balor is taking the injury in stride.

Sympathy for the Big Dawg?

After getting absolutely REKT last week by Braun Strowman, will Roman Reigns finally get a little sympathy from the crowd? I doubt it. The reaction to Strowman’s┬ámauling of the Big Dog earned the loudest crowd reaction of the night. Who knows where they go from here? I suspect Roman will get his revenge and get booed.

What is Strowman’s Next Feat of Strength?

In his pre-WWE life, Braun Strowman competed in Strongman competitions. Vince LOVES to showcase giants and their amazing strength. Strowman looks to be filling a Big Show or Mark Henry roll, but somehow scarier. Look for this behemoth to tear up some phone books or bend some metal bars as this week’s show of strength.

The Smackdown Crew

IC champion Dean Ambrose, Miz & Maryse, and former Smackdown Women’s champ Alexa Bliss headline those who made the jump to Raw. While Alexa has already put herself into the title picture in the Women’s Division, it remains to be seen what Miz and Dean will be up to. Look for the┬áMizanins to continue to poke John Cena and Nikki Bella. As for who Dean will be facing? That’s anyone’s guess. There’s a lot of good talent on Raw that Dean could get into a fresh match-up with.

What else are you looking forward to on tonight’s Raw? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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