After Getting Showered With Boos – Reigns Delivers The Promo Of His Career

We all knew that after Roman Reigns defeated and retired the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33, the fans weren’t going to be on his side.

The WWE Universe long ago decided that Reigns wasn’t their guy. Many people feel that he has been “shoved” down fans’ throats and pushed into the main event picture even though he lacked the skills and personality for it. Put him against the Phenom and those feelings are amplified. So of course, whenever Roman showed his face on Raw, the fans would let him have it.

That turned out to be an understatement.

Raw began with about 3 minutes of the crowd chanting the Undertaker’s name with a few “Roman sucks” chants mixed in.

Then Roman’s music hit and the boos hit him.

Roman entered the ring and every time he lifted the mic to his mouth, the crowd chanted and booed him. The chants and boos didn’t stop for some time and included mature language from the fans that I am surprised WWE didn’t bleep out.

But when it was time for Roman to talk, he delivered the promo of his career.

That’s it. Those five words were the best that Roman ever uttered. It was the perfect words for the time.

No cheesy rhymes, no jokes about “tater tots,” just a few words and a no-BS attitude.

Finally! The silent and angry bad guy that we’ve always wanted out of Roman!

Will this stick or is it just a Cena-style promo meant to needle the “smart” fans?

Roman Reigns

Only time will tell.

Do you like this new side of Roman? Share your thoughts.

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