Ringside Intel Explains: What is a Shoot Interview?

A “Shoot interview” is when a wrestler is asked a series of questions and reveals behind the scenes info on angles, matches, feuds. It is also a chance to air any personal gripes a wrestler may have about the business, a promotion, or fellow wrestlers.

They’re popular because it is a chance to let the fans in on the secrets behind the wrestling business.

Shoot interviews are usually done by retired wrestlers, though there are plenty of wrestlers still going who do them as well.

Here are a few shoot interview participants and companies that may be worth your time to look into.

Wrestling With Shadows and Beyond the Mat

While not technically shoot “interviews,” these are the two best films that peel the curtain back on the world of wrestling. Both were released at the height of the wrestling boom and are still cult favorites among wrestling fans. Beyond the Mat hits home for me because I grew up where Terry Funk lived and went to the same church where his daughter’s wedding, filmed for the movie, took place.

Jim Cornette

The former manager and booker for WCW, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, WWE, TNA, and ROH is infamous for his love of classic wrestling and his disdain for anything that came during and after the “Attitude Era.” His curmudgeonly nature aside, Cornette is a great interview and has provided insight into the Montreal Screwjob.


But he gets more attention for his hatred of Vince Russo and other former adversaries in the wrestling business.

Teddy Hart

A member of the Hart wrestling family and innovative high flyer and miscreant. He is a man who doesn’t care and doesn’t see a point in lying or making stories up about himself. If you ask him a question be prepared for an honest if meandering answer that will touch on everything from his brief time in WWE to his love of weed and his cat, Mr. Money.

RF Video

Probably the premiere destination for the classic shoot interview. Wrestlers young and old sit in front of a banner and a camera to answer questions about their career.

Everyone from Hornswoggle To Roddy Piper has done a shoot interview with RF.

Kayfabe Commentaries

Beyond just questions and answers, KC takes the shoot interview and adds new components.

Their YouShoot series involves videos of other shoots and questions from fans.

Their “Timeline” series will take one wrestler (or tag team) and have them discuss a specific year in a specific promotion that they were involved in.

The Worked Shoot Interview

Playing upon the “we know that they know” theme, there are even “fake” shoot interviews, where a wrestler will, while in their gimmick, “shoot” on wrestling.  Colt Cabana’s “Matt Classic” is a fine example.

Shoot interviews are a fun little insight into the world of wrestling.

Some people, especially old school types, will say that shoots are bad for wrestling because they “expose” the business. But the business is already exposed. Why not use that and let wrestlers make a few extra bucks?

Are you a fan of shoot interviews? Share your thoughts.

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