Parts of WrestleMania for Every Fan to Like

WrestleMania is the grandest night in wrestling. The giant spectacle is a celebration of “sports entertainment” with the “entertainment” getting a big boost via pyro, light shows, and big entrances. A lot of loyal fans feel brushed aside for the event, and casual fans can feel lost not knowing some of the new faces.

Never fear, there is something for everyone.

The fan who is getting back into WWE: You know the basics, and even a few of the names – when your buddy invites you over, here’s what you need to know to give WWE another shot.

  • Bray vs. Randy, KO vs. Jericho, Women’s Matches: tastes of the past and the future.
  • Seth Rollins vs. Triple H: the Past meeting the Future in a match that is sure to be a crowd pleasure.

The Cynical “smart” fan: The person most likely to hate WrestleMania. A 6-hour extravaganza geared towards the “casual” fan. Even still, there has been good wrestling, especially on the last few shows. Here are a few moments you can look forward to:

  • The Raw Women’s title match: Last WrestleMania everyone was very worried about how much time the ladies would get, especially after the lackluster “Divas Revolution.” What we got was the match of the night. With two of the stars from last year returning plus crowd mega-favorite Bayley and Samoan Bad Bass Nia, this is sure to be a good match.
  • Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton: The best-told story in all of WWE leading into the show. The “psychology” will be rich, and both men will be able to control the audience with what already has been promised to be a “Follow That” performance from Bray Wyatt.
  • KO vs. Jericho: the best-told story on the Raw brand by far. Both have the keen ability to turn it up for a big match. Both are masters of their craft and will tell a fun story in the ring.

“Wrestling is weird, I am going to watch this ironically.” A friend dragged you to this, but you’re going to be into it! You’re going to boo and cheer and make believe for one night!

  • Undertaker’s entrance/presence. You’ve heard about it, but you’ll be talking about “how cool that was” for days after you see the Deadman silence the whole crowd with his entrance.
  • Dean vs. Baron Corbin.
  • Women’s matches.
  • Whatever crazy stuff Shane does (oh and be prepared to be wowed by AJ Styles).

Nostalgia buffs: You watch WrestleMania every year, but you don’t follow the product. You’re amazed that all these guys are still wrestling. You bought an NWO shirt just for this occasion.

  • Whatever crazy stunt Shane pulls off.
  • Brock vs. Goldberg: the reason a lot of “casual” fans are tuning in. Many people fear that this will be another spear-jackhammer-pin from Goldberg. But WWE knows that fans can be conditioned and easily fooled. I don’t expect them to put on a 5-Star classic, but I think both men want to prove they can still go. Goldberg’s return has been fun, and fans with one eye on WWE have loved it.
  • Undertaker’s entrance. Maybe not his match – I am skeptical of how much Taker can do as he’s looked tired and worn out the last few outings. But his entrance is unlike any other, especially on WrestleMania. Expect a grand display of smoke and sound.

Jerky “You know this is fake, right?” fan:

  • Undertaker’s entrance.
  • Whatever crazy Strongman stunt Braun does in the Battle Royal.
  • Whatever crazy stunt Shane does in his match with AJ Styles

Everyone will be able to enjoy WrestleMania …at least some of it. Think of it as a 6-hour telethon. There is going to be stuff you’ll want to watch and stuff that will make you want to change the channel. That is fine. WWE knows you’ll need a break. Just make sure you find what brings you joy because WrestleMania is for everyone!