Match Of The Week: Young Bucks vs Super Smash Brothers. Smash Wrestling

Young Bucks vs Super Smash Brothers. Smash Wrestling. Two tag teams at their peak doing a lot and having the crowd going nuts for 20 straight minutes.

The Young Bucks are self-explanatory. Probably the best team on the planet.

SSB had a big run in PWG a few years back. But due to border issues, they’ve only been performing in Canada recently.

This match has everything, though. Interference, ref bumps, crazy-stupid dives. Oh and Super Kicks. Lots of them. This took place right before the Young Bucks exploded to the status they are currently at. You can see clearly why they are the top team in wrestling today. Their skills, their emotions and how they have the crowd hanging on their every word and movement is something that even most WWE wrestlers have problems with. For the Bucks, this is just another day at the office.

The two teams are also great comedic wrestlers. They can get laughs and gasps in the same sequence. That is a rare art that only a few wrestlers do very well.

If you’re looking for more on the Super Smash Brothers, watch this highlight from their time in PWG (please excuse the bad music choices)

And also check out the highlights from another match they had with the Bucks (plus Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole) involving LADDERS!

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