Match Of The Week: Samoa Joe vs Necro Butcher I – IWA Mid-South

At the time of this match in 2005, there were no two bigger wrestlers than Necro Butcher and Samoa Joe on the indies.

Necro Butcher pioneered deathmatch wrestlers squaring up against more traditional foes.



Samoa Joe who was probably the best wrestler in the world at the time.

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He still is and is finally on a big stage showing people what a monster he is.

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The match was considered a “fantasy booking” come to life. No one except IWA-MS’ Ian Rotten would have thought to have these two fight one-on-one.

What follows is one of the most violent matches I’ve witnessed. Both men start off the match by throwing referee Bryce Remsburg right out of the ring. They then proceed to throw¬†PUNCHES at each other. The match escalates and moves into the crowd, where the violence reaches a new level.

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These are two men at their peak giving it their all. Every moment of this match will have you wincing and wondering what’s next. The match is brief but they never let up. Not any “rest holds” in this one.

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Also, has great commentary from CM Punk and Eddie Kingston. Warning, there is blood.

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