John Cena Proposing to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania?

A Match Made in the Ring?

Since the latest season of Total Divas and Total Bellas, many people have been obsessed with a possible marriage proposal from John Cena to Nikki Bella. The couple have been dating for many years, and John Cena has claimed in the past he would not like to get married again.

Despite that, rumors have been floating around that Cena could pop the question at WrestleMania, something I can’t wait to see!

john cena propose

First… the Total Bellas Spoof

The Total Bellas spoof that was aired during SmackDown over the past two weeks had me in fits. For those of you that haven’t seen it, the spoof featured The Miz and Maryse, playing John Cena and Nikki Bella as they made more than 65 jokes saying how much Nikki wants John to propose, much to the amusement of myself and most WWE fans.

Obviously, the spoof telegraphs what we all know – that the WWE universe is dying to know if Nikki and John will take the leap. Of course, if Cena does pop the question at WrestleMania, would it mean that the Miz was right and that their relationship is all for show? No matter what he does, the man obviously cannot win.

john cena propose

No Kids

In addition to his comments that he doesn’t want to get married, John Cena has also stated numerous times that he doesn’t want kids. It’s been a point of contention during their relationship, which is why I personally doubted if it would last. Eventually, Nikki might resent John for not wanting children. Still, Cena has been quite upfront with her:

“I just have things I need to get done. It’s not negotiable. We’ve been to therapy over it. I don’t think it will ever be over with…I don’t want kids, I don’t want marriage. That’s me just saying, ‘Hey, this is my life and this is how I’m going to live.”

john cena propose

Final Match

The impending proposal is not the only big news surrounding John Cena and Nikki Bella, because the longest reigning Divas champion is rumored to retire after one final match with her boyfriend. While it is expected that both stars are going to take a break after WrestleMania, there is still no formal statement about retirement.

john cena propose

One of My Most Anticipated Matches

Even though I can get a little sick of Super Cena, I’m looking forward to this match. I’m only hoping to get some answers on Nikki’s wrestling career. I’ve always loved Nikki as a wrestler. Even though she’s a girly-girl, she can lift most wrestlers like it’s nothing. So, hopefully we’ll all get some answers on Sunday!


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