Joey Ryan Brings the “Ironman Heavymetalweight” 24/7 Hardcore Title to Orlando for Wrestlemania Weekend

*UPDATE* Here are all the title changes we could find. 

First, Ryan lost the title to Brandi Rhodes, a female wrestler, and wife of Cody R(hodes):

Ryan got it back and the next night lost it to former WWE superstar Hornswoggle in a battle royale.

…Only to lose it to hardcore LEGEND The Sandman:

THEN Swoggle pinned a passed out Sandman (lol) who then lost it back to Joey Ryan

There were then 11 more title changes!

The champs and title changes (not counting Ryan winning it back) were:

  • Jack the Jobber
  • Joe Hendry
  • Hendry relinquishes to a trash can
  • Jack The Jobber pins the trash can
  • former UFC star Shayna Baszler then loses to Eddie Kingston via “verbal submission”
  • Kingston trades it back to Joey Ryan for a pack of cigarettes
  • Joey Janela
  • Janela then loses it to the Invisible Man

There will plenty more as Ryan travels with the belt across the United States and then back to Japan. We’ll try and track all of them!


Joey Ryan is bringing the DDTPro Ironman Heavymetalweight 24/7 Hardcore title back to the United States.

Ryan will be defending the belt at several events Wrestlemania weekend, and presumably elsewhere. The belt can be defended anytime and anywhere, as long as a ref is present.

When Ryan initially won the title and brought it to the states, over 20 different wrestlers, people, and objects had held the title: a cat, Scott Hall, Vince McMahon’s Walk of Fame star, and the entire crowd at a wrestling show were all champions.

Ryan went viral two years ago after using his penis to suplex another wrestler.

Joey Ryan

DDTPro is a Japanese wrestling promotion famous for its use of comedy, including having wrestlers square off against an inflatable doll:

Safe to say Ryan will be recording a lot of hilarious “matches” and title changes over this weekend. Can’t wait to see them!


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