Anderson Silva Posts Statement in Response to Critics: “I’m The Best in The World”

Following his tightly contested and controversial win over Derek Brunson, Anderson Silva is reminding his detractors of what he’s accomplished during his storied career.

Silva faced Brunson at UFC 208 last weekend, and received a unanimous decision win, with scores of 29-28, 29-28, 30-27. Since the bout, Brunson has blasted the judges for their scoring, and he hasn’t been the only one. Although some folks did have Silva wining the fight, the consensus is that Brunson won at least two rounds. The 30-27 score in particular, has drawn the ire of many fans and observers.

Well, recently the 41 year-old Silva posted a lengthy statement on Facebook, and it’s clearly meant for his critics. Here is just some of what Silva had to say (translation via MMA Fighting):

…Many people find me arrogant and overbearing? I can be it and more, not because I am considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. No, no, it’s my feats, that’s what I really did for this sport. I broke barriers all over the world where I fought, Pride, Shooto, Mecca and other events that these speakers have never heard of and do not know what they are like. I am from a different era, when had no weight limit or time limit. I really fought for passion, not for money or fame. Speakers and frustrated fighters, who read this text, I can be arrogant, arrogant and much more than that, I am Anderson Silva, who made and makes a difference in sports.

I’m not afraid and I do not flee fighting, I defended the belt for 10 years, none of the last champions managed to defend for more than 3 fights.

So thank you to all who like me and those who do not like me, they will have to accept that Anderson da Silva, The spider, is a fact and can not change. I’m the best in the world, yes! To the joy of many and the sorrow of others…

Now, obviously there’s can be a lot of folks who won’t agree with Silva’s contention here that he remains the best fighter in the game. After all, he’s gone 1-4, with 1 no contest in his last six fights. Silva showed glimpses of his old, spectacular form against Brunson, but he never appeared to have the latter in any serious, serious trouble.

This aside, it will be interesting to see who the UFC books for Silva next. There are rumblings that the promotion might give him another crack at the champ Michael Bisping, but Dana White has said that Yoel Romero will receive a title shot next.

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