Cat Zingano Blasts Amanda Nunes Again, “If There Was no Ronda, There Would be no Amanda”

Cat Zingano

Recently Cat Zingano let it be known on Twitter  she didn’t care for how Amanda Nunes acted after she finished Ronda Rousey, and the contender continues to blast the bantamweight champ.

After Nunes quickly put away Rousey with punches at UFC 207, December 30th, the rising star appeared to taunt the latter’s corner and proceeded to say “forget about Ronda Rousey”. More recently, Nunes reported she didn’t understand how anyone had lost to the Judoka…

Well, Zingano criticized Nunes for being “disrespectful” on Twitter, and “Alpha” continued to blast the champ in a recent interview with MMA Fighting. Here is some of what Zingano had to say about the heavy handed fighter:

“Immediately when the fight was stopped I was like, damn, good show. Props. And then, within two minutes, my entire impression and everything changed. Because as soon as they handed Amanda the microphone she just started going off, and being completely disrespectful and being an asshole, being like, ‘forget Ronda, forget Ronda.’

“It’s like, first of all, if there was no Ronda there would be no Amanda. No one would know who the hell you are, and we wouldn’t be here today. And on top of that, Ronda as an athlete, she found a way. She found a way to get us in, and it was by being an asshole. And it was by being entertaining, whether it was positive or negative, she gave everybody what they wanted to see, which was either to hate to love her, or love to hate her. She gave that to people.”

Now, it should be noted that Nunes did thank Rousey for what she did for the sport, earlier in her post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. But, there likely are other folks who either didn’t care, or don’t agree with everything Nunes has said. There’s also probably people who are on board as well…

Rousey talk aside, it will be interesting to see if Zingano can work her way back to a title shot. She is the last woman to defeat Nunes. Zingano stopped Nunes at UFC 178 in 2014.

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