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akira tozawa vs el ligero preston city wrestling

Match of the Week: Akira Tozawa vs. El Ligero at Preston City Wrestling

Akira Tozawa might be the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but chances are most WWE fans aren't all that familiar with his work. Like many of the cruiserweights, Tozawa's pre-WWE...

Match Of The Week: TNA’s Greatest Match Of All Time

There has only ever been one match produced By TNA (Now Impact Wrestling) rated 5 Stars by Dave Meltzer. It came in 2005 and featured three names who are...
Necro Butchervideo

Match Of The Week: Samoa Joe vs Necro Butcher I – IWA Mid-South

At the time of this match in 2005, there were no two bigger wrestlers than Necro Butcher and Samoa Joe on the indies. Necro Butcher pioneered deathmatch wrestlers squaring...
Young Bucksvideo

Match Of The Week: Young Bucks vs Super Smash Brothers. Smash Wrestling

Young Bucks vs Super Smash Brothers. Smash Wrestling. Two tag teams at their peak doing a lot and having the crowd going nuts for 20 straight minutes. The Young Bucks...

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Finn Balor

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