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wwe emma facts

5 Fast Facts About Emma

After a failed gimmick change and a series of injuries, Emma is slowly but surely claiming her stake in the WWE women's division. Here are five fast facts you might...

Could Intergender Wrestling Return to the WWE?

It is no secret that the WWE has been shying away from intergender matches since the start of the PG-era, for obvious reasons. However, with the women's revolution and...

Natalya Buys Home for Her Parents

Natalya is truly the sweetheart of wrestling. Despite playing a heel character, she is still one of the most beloved female superstars. Now, she has proven her beautiful character...
Eva Marie

Eva Marie’s Top Five WWE Moments

Yesterday the wrestling world entered a period mourning with the announcement that female superstar Eva Marie and WWE had mutually agreed to part ways. Like many other fans, I...

Renee Young Not Returning to Total Divas

Even though many people loved seeing Renee Young in Total Divas, the WWE commentator and presenter has announced she won't be appearing in the next season. Here's the story. Twitter...
best wwe women wrestlers

Sandra’s Favorite WWE Women Wrestlers of All Time

I've held out on doing this list for a while, not because I was not excited to do one, but because it is a difficult list to make. There...

Paige Posts Cryptic Message On Twitter – Seemingly Hinting At Pregnancy

Let's go over the last few months of Paige's life, shall we? First, she was suspended twice for Wellness (drug) Violations. During her suspension, she announced her engagement to fellow (now...
Del Rio Rantvideo

New Del Rio Rant Endangers Paige’s Career Further!

Our readers recently saw some of Del Rio's rants, aimed at Triple H and WWE. Del Rio is far from done though because a brand new rant just came...
paige return

Paige Hints at Returning to the WWE Soon!

During an interview with Busted Open Radio this week, Paige announced that she would like to return to a WWE ring sooner rather than later; this after a long...

Nia Jax Vents Displeasure about not Being on TV Regularly

Everyone knows that SmackDown is putting on a much better show than RAW. Even with some of the biggest SmackDown stars being transferred to RAW. Still, SmackDoown is still...

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charlotte becky pinkies up

Tea-Generation X: The Origin Of Charlotte and Becky’s Pinkies Up Salute

Where D-Generation X has "suck it," Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have "sip it." https://www.instagram.com/p/BXB1mv7gDEf/ You might have noticed the duo doing their tea time pinkies...
Shinsuke Nakamura

What Happens If Shinsuke Nakamura Loses? – Is It Do or Die?

Every true wrestling fan is anxiously awaiting the match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal at Summerslam, especially after a devastating loss for Baron...

Test Your Knowledge of Raw GM and Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle

How well do you know the Raw GM Kurt Angle? Test your knowledge below!