A Brief Conversation With WWE Artist-in-Residence Rob Schamberger

I had a chance to chat with official WWE "Artist-in-Residence" Rob Schamberger at Awesome Con in Washington, DC. The Kansas City-based painter has become well-known in wrestling circles for his artwork...
big show talk is jericho

Big Show On ‘Talk Is Jericho’: I Hate Live TV

Despite the fact that most WWE Superstars enjoy the spotlight, not all wrestlers are excited about live tapings. This much was clear when Big Show stated that he "hated...
Jenny Rosevideo

Jenny Rose Discusses How She Went From Wrestler To Promoter

How does a wrestler decide to start their own promotion? What are the risks they take? Wrestling is filled with a lot of promotions created by workers who wanted to...

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How To Interpret Undertaker’s Speech From Raw’s 25th Anniversary Episode

One of the things that have people talking after Raw's 25th-anniversary episode is the Undertaker's speech. Making a rare appearance after leaving his iconic...

Enzo Amore FIRED

Twitter use @missgucciwitch ignited a firestorm on Monday, January 22 when she accused WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore of raping her. Here is the thread...

The Changing Role of Social Media in Wrestling

Wrestling culture has changed considerably over the years. Social media has been an integral part of that change, delivering many benefits, but also problems!...