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Jenny Rosevideo

Women Of Honor Spotlight: Jenny Rose

Ring of Honor doesn't have a big female roster, nor do I feel women in ROH get the proper time they get in other promotions, but they still have...
Necro Butchervideo

Match Of The Week: Samoa Joe vs Necro Butcher I – IWA Mid-South

At the time of this match in 2005, there were no two bigger wrestlers than Necro Butcher and Samoa Joe on the indies. Necro Butcher pioneered deathmatch wrestlers squaring...
Young Bucksvideo

Match Of The Week: Young Bucks vs Super Smash Brothers. Smash Wrestling

Young Bucks vs Super Smash Brothers. Smash Wrestling. Two tag teams at their peak doing a lot and having the crowd going nuts for 20 straight minutes. The Young Bucks...
Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan Brings the “Ironman Heavymetalweight” 24/7 Hardcore Title to Orlando for Wrestlemania Weekend

*UPDATE* Here are all the title changes we could find.  First, Ryan lost the title to Brandi Rhodes, a female wrestler, and wife of Cody R(hodes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFk_lS084zc Ryan got it back and...
World Of Sport

Impact Teaming Up with ITV to Bring Back “World of Sport”

World Of Sport, the classic British wrestling show, is coming back to TV in the UK. Impact Wrestling and Jeff Jarrett are helping co-produce the series with ITV and providing...
Shoot Interviewvideo

Ringside Intel Explains: What is a Shoot Interview?

A "Shoot interview" is when a wrestler is asked a series of questions and reveals behind the scenes info on angles, matches, feuds. It is also a chance to...

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