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Maria and Mike Bennettvideo

Maria Kanellis Returns To WWE With Husband Mike Bennett

Former Diva Maria and husband Mike Bennett are set to arrive in WWE soon. There is speculation that the two could debut on either Smackdown or NXT in the...
Stephan Bonnar

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar Transitions To Pro-Wrestling

MMA stars transitioning to pro wrestling. It seems to be all the rage. Not since the Shamrocks and Dan Severn in the early 90s has there been such a...

Randy Orton Upsets Indie Scene

Randy Orton is not really known as a nice guy in real life, even though he's a fantastic wrestler! Orton has put his foot in his mouth again though,...

Daniel Bryan Still Plans On Wrestling When His WWE Contract Is Up

One of last year's most emotional moments in WWE was Daniel Bryan announcing his in-ring retirement. He made the announcement in front of his home crowd in Seattle. There...
Draw McIntyrevideo

Drew McIntyre Spotted Ringside At NXT Takeover

Tonight's NXT Takeover: Orlando has been one for the ages. We had two killer debuts, and the Women's match shattered all expectations and made Asuka the ultimate woman to beat. But,...

Five Indie Stars Who We Won’t Be Seeing in WWE Anytime Soon

Over the last few years, WWE has been signing up a bevy of indie talent to stash away on NXT. While some people are mad that Vince is "killing...
goldberg mcw

Goldberg Returning to the Wrestling Ring?

Even though Goldberg officially retired three months ago, it seems like the 50-year-old legend cannot stay away from the wrestling ring. So, let us investigate and see if there is...

Cody Rhodes Think He And The Young Bucks Can Sellout A 10,000 Seat Arena

Dave Meltzer is one of the world's best-known wrestling journalists. Of course, this does not mean he is resting on his laurels because this well-known journalist has now issued...
ring breakvideo

The Five Best Ring-Breaking Moments

On the April 18th episode of Monday Night Raw, Big Show and Braun Strowman put on a hell of a match with a finale that had the crowd on...

Retired Wrestler Sues Van Morrison Over Album Cover

Canadian wrestling legend and former Mohawk chief Billy Two Rivers is suing Hall of Fame singer-songwriter Van Morrison. Two Rivers claims that Morrison is using an image of him...

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Tea-Generation X: The Origin Of Charlotte and Becky’s Pinkies Up Salute

Where D-Generation X has "suck it," Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have "sip it." https://www.instagram.com/p/BXB1mv7gDEf/ You might have noticed the duo doing their tea time pinkies...
Shinsuke Nakamura

What Happens If Shinsuke Nakamura Loses? – Is It Do or Die?

Every true wrestling fan is anxiously awaiting the match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal at Summerslam, especially after a devastating loss for Baron...

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