top Wrestlemania moments

The Top WrestleMania Moments of All Time

Best of the Best of the Best True wrestling fans are always looking forward to the biggest wrestling event of the year – WrestleMania. Even indie die-hards get pumped for...

The Four Most Patriotic Moments in WWE History

We thought we would recall the most patriotic moments in WWE's history. This is about WWE showing their patriotism in and out of the ring. WWE has a big...

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lio rush

Jim Ross Sings The Praises Of RAW’s Newest Manager

Bobby Lashley has a new manager in 205 Live star Lio Rush, and good ol' JR thinks he's a "keeper." Ross gave Rush his stamp...
AJ Styles

AJ Style’s Next Challenger May Be From RAW

Even though AJ Styles is currently embroiled in a feud with Samoa Joe, there could be another WWE wrestler who is eyeing up the SmackDown...
Brock lesnar

Brock Is Making HOW MUCH For One Match!?

The return of Brock Lesnar was unexpected since he was believed to start his UFC career back up again. Lesnar will return to the...