TORONTO, ON - MARCH 18: Retired professional wrestler Bret Hart attends Toronto ComiCon 2017 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 18, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic)

Bret Hart is one of the most accomplished pro wrestlers of all time. A champion everywhere he worked, he innovated a technical yet gritty and stiff style that influenced countless wrestlers. In his home nation of Canada, Hart is a national hero. So much so, that a tribe of Blackfoot First Nation honored the Hitman with his own Blackfoot name.

Tribal Leader Clarence Wolfleg Senior said that Bret, his father Stu, and late brother Owen were considered heroes by tribes throughout Alberta.

““(Stu Hart) promoted wrestling and wrestling venues in Calgary for a long time … a lot of our people would always go to those events. He also had some people in mind out in Siksika to work with them and get them into the wrestling area,” Wolfleg said.”

Hart’s name Iyiikitapinna means Courageous Chief in Blackfoot.

The ceremony took placed at Mount Royal University, the same school that gave Hart an honorary degree this year in physical education.

Congrats Hitman! 

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