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Despite the rumors that John Cena is dating Carmella, Express reports that Cena and Nikki Bella could be heading for a reconciliation. Nikki and Cena are said to be talking daily, despite rumors of him dating Carmella. There are plenty of rumors, but what do we really know? Let us find out!

Reasons for Their Breakup

There have been lots of articles written about John and Nikki’s breakup, but the core of the matter seems to be the fact that John does not want children. It is also said that Nikki did not want a “pity” wedding, leading to their unexpected breakup.

While there were certainly cracks in John and Nikki’s relationship, many believed that Cena had changed his mind on marriage and kids. The opposite appeared true, leading Nikki and John to cancel their wedding, which was set for the 5th of May 2018.

Cena went on Good Morning America to share his heartbreak and his hope that he and Nikki could work things out

Working It

Not everyone is convinced that the breakup between Cena and Bella is genuine. According to Give Me Sportthe couple’s breakup is a work to boost the ratings for Total Divas. They also mention that the pair wanted to keep their actual wedding out of the media, releasing rumors into the world while they are very much still together.

While I have no doubt that John Cena and Nikki Bella have good business acumen, I very much doubt they would put their relationship and their personal lives on the line for bigger ratings. Of course, this could be the naive part of me speaking, but I hope they would not go to such lengths.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider stated to Ringside News:

“Speaking of Cena, I want to go back to the Backlash stuff. I have heard some rumblings that your theory may be correct about this entire situation being a work.”

“I don’t have enough to report it or anything but there have definitely been some people who mutter, who have been whispering similar concerns. So you might be onto something there.”

“So, I’m just telling you that if it comes out that this was a work, I am giving you credit now that you were the first one to call it.”

“They were together before the whole Total Divas began and then they had to ask John if he would do the show. He always did it because he said it was good for her and good for the company.”

“But announcing that they had broken up just a few weeks before Total Bellas debuts — certainly that’s a lot of free publicity leading into the new season.”

“With WWE in the middle of doing television negotiations, so lets show NBC Universal how worthwhile our reality show are for them — and their ratings have been down compared to previous seasons.”

Living with Her Sister Brie

Anything other than officially stated by Nikki and John themselves is pure speculation at this point. The most recent news came from Nikki herself, who stated she is now living with her sister Brie.

Honestly, I do not think it is a work. Nikki does not look like her useful self. She seems tired and her eyes just seem so sad. I feel for her, so until officially reported otherwise, Nikki will need some support. I don’t agree with the rumors.

What do you think about all these ridiculous rumors going about? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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