NXT Takeover

I had big expectations for NXT Take Over New Orleans, but boy did the wrestlers on the NXT brand deliver! TakeOver was packed with action, high-flying, ladders, surprises, twists and turns! Too many for me to count. So, without further ado, here are the main things I found memorable.

The North American Championship

I would not be surprised if this turns into the match of the year. OMG! This is all I can say about the awesomeness that was the North American Championship match.

Where do I start? It was clear that a lot of wrestlers had some nerves before the start of the match. I could clearly see that EC3 had some shakes as he stood on the top rope, with his arms shaking, but boy did he recover well with all that adrenaline. Ricochet also looked a little nervous, which you can expect after making your debut in the WWE. Still, EC3 and Ricochet certainly impressed.

Anyway, once the match started, I could not even blink because I was scared of missing something. People were put through ladders, ladders were used as projectile weapons, Ricochet was flying up and over the ring, EC3 showed how good of a heel he really is, and every wrestler really had the chance to shine.

However, it would be Adam Cole to take the win. Ever the opportunist, Cole saw his chance and took it!

The NXT Women’s Championship

It was a good-paced match between Shayna Baszler and Ember Moon, even though the North American Championship was a tough act to follow. Before the match got started, Ronda Rousey was spotted at ringside to show her support to her MMA colleague.

In the end, Shayna beat Ember Moon for the title; this supports my theory that Ember may be on her way to the main roster, and sure enough, she showed up on Monday!

The NXT Tag Team Championships

Talk about surprises! The match started as everyone expected, more specifically with the teams being almost even in strength and ability. However, as the end of the match drew near, Roderick Strong surprised everyone by turning on his partner Pete Dunne and joining the Undisputed Era!

The NXT Championship

The pace of the NXT Championship match was quite slow, especially when looking at some of the other matches of the night. Despite the slow pace, the pair put on a match we can only dream of seeing on the main roster.

There were loads of strikes during the match, as you can expect from Black and Almas. Vega tried to interfere a whopping five times as well, yet Black overcame and won the title! Almas might not be happy with Vega though, because her fifth interference cost him his title.

The Unsanctioned Match

Before the match, there was loads of verbal abuse in the direction of Ciampa, which I won’t repeat here. The match itself was quite brutal. The pair used the broadcast table and nearly beheaded poor Mauro in the process.

The verbal abuse would continue throughout the match, showing that Ciampa has done an excellent job in being a heel. For a long time during the match, it seemed like Johnny Wrestling would lose and permanently leave NXT. Ciampa even stole some crutches from a fan in the crowd and attempted to use them again on Johnny Gargano. However, Gargano kept on going and the crowd stayed 100% behind him. He would even slam Ciampa on the bare concrete!

Ciampa would take some punishment too though, since it appeared like he lost a couple of teeth after a kick from Gargano. So, Gargano endured and eventually beat Ciampa, getting him back in the NXT brand.

What do you remember most from Take Over?

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