The WWE released its favorite top-rope finishers, much to my amusement, considering how much I love high-flying styles and daredevil finishers. So, without further ado, let us take a closer look at the top-rope finishers the WWE added to their list!

1. The Red Arrow

While the WWE might be changing their mind now that Neville has left the company, they listed the Red Arrow as the number 1 top-rope finisher. Since the Red Arrow is quite the complicated and dangerous finisher, I have to agree that this top-rope finisher deserves a high ranking.

2. The Swanton Bomb

When it comes to daring finishers, Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb is up there. The Swanton Bomb is my personal, favorite top-rope finisher, so this one would rank just one spot higher in my book.

3. Five-Star Frog Splash

The frog splash is probably one of the most popular moves among wrestlers today, give or take an adaptation or two. The Frog Splash is an invention by Mexican wrestler Art Barr. Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam both made the move their own in unique ways.

When Rob Van Dam started to use the frog splash, he made his adaptation, named the Five-Star Frog Splash. Instead of launching himself from the turnbuckle immediately, he would make a high jump first. Naturally, this led to the Five-Star Frog Splash.

4. The Elbow Drop

Randy Savage made this move famous, although the elbow drop is used in many variations today. Bayley and Shawn Michaels are just two WWE wrestlers that use (or have used) the elbow drop frequently. Considering the popularity of the move, I’m not surprised the elbow drop is on this list. However, I did not expect it to be ranked that high, especially when you consider the difficulty rating of other finishers listed after the Elbow Drop.

5. Phoenix Splash

Since 205 Live is known for its high-flying prowess, it is no surprise that another 205 Live superstar is in this overview. In addition to the Red Arrow on the number 1 spot, the number 5 goes to the Phoenix Splash, a move frequently used by Rich Swann.

When you analyze the Phoenix Splash, you will see it is a combination of a moonsault and a frog splash. So, this is not an easy move to perform.

Since only a handful of Superstars can use the move, including Rich Swann and Seth Rollins, I believe that this move deserves to be much higher on WWE’s list.

These next moves are special because of their innovation and place on the current roster!

6. The Air Bourne

Even though this move is not as known as some of the others mentioned here, Evan Bourne’s Air Bourne certainly deserves a spot in this list.

The move was used a lot in 2008 by Evan Bourne, including during matches against Chris Jericho and Sheamus. The move even won a Slammy for “Best Finishing Maneuver”.

7. Coast-to-Coast

While some wrestling fans may not agree with this move being on the list, I certainly do. The coast-to-coast was originally used by Rob Van Dam but later adopted by Shane McMahon. When you look at this move being executed by Shane, it almost seems impossible.

8. Eclipse

Honestly, I would put this move in my top three at least. So, I certainly don’t agree with the WWE putting the Eclipse on number 8. If you are not familiar with this move, it is a top-rope finisher invented by Ember Moon. The move has never been kicked out off either; this could be interesting when Ember makes it to the main roster.

9. The Reverse 450

Another move that is way too low on the list in my opinion. The Reverse 450 is frequently used by Mustafa Ali, another 205 Live Superstar and one of my personal favorites of that roster.

Like other 250 Live moves mentioned in this list, the Reverse 450 is an extremely dangerous move that can only be executed by a select few. You do have to wonder why Mustafa Ali does not have the title yet with this gem in his arsenal.

10. Coup de Grace

Finn Balor’s Coup de Grace may appear easier than most of the moves mentioned here today, but it certainly is not. One mistake and this move could seriously injure the person executing it and the person on the receiving end. Still, it is not as spectacular as Mustafa Ali’s Reverse 450, so I do believe this move is ranked correctly.

Why do I think amazing finishers are important?

Looking at all the amazing finishers mentioned in the WWE list of best top-rope finishers, it immediately becomes clear just how important those finishers are. Of course, the finisher does not ensure a successful career, but if you have the charisma and the drive, top-rope finishers could be a part of wrestling success. My top 3? The Reverse 450, the Eclipse, and the Phoenix Splash.

What is your favorite top-rope finisher? Let us know in the comment section below.

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