Ronda Rousey

We know Ronda Rousey is not the best on the mic. She needs a spokesperson. Her charisma doesn’t come from her words but from her physical and psychological presence. She can stare bullets into your soul and then break your arm.

But, that doesn’t translate into words. And it can lead to some awkward situations, such as on the Golic and Wingo show on ESPN. Mike Golic asked a pretty confusing question about the possibility to “go back in time” and fight in the Octagon one more time. The interview skidded off the rails soon after. Watch the cringey exchange below.

SHEESH. I haven’t even watched, but I can take the ton and the word of others as enough reason to avoid this. Here’s the transcript:

Golic: Let’s go back and start when you knew from the MMA when you were done there. When you knew in your mind, “I’m not going to fight anymore?”

Rousey: I never said that.

Golic: Ah, so there is a possibility that you could go back in time?

Rousey: There’s a possibility that I could go back in time? That’s your question to me?

Golic: Go back in time, and fight. Go back in the octagon.

Rousey: I do not have the ability to go back in time, no.

Golic: Would you fight again?

Rousey: I don’t know.

I understand Ronda Rousey not wanting to talk about her UFC career. It ended with a thud. She is looking towards the future and towards being a WWE superstar. But she can’t dodge these UFC questions forever. They’re a part of who she is. This story is getting a lot of press coverage and that is unfortunate. Hopefully, Ronda will use this as fuel and motivation to murder Stephanie and Triple H.

Should Ronda get a mouthpiece? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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