John Cena’s getting pathetic. After begging and pleading for a Wrestlemania match from the Undertaker, Cena moved onto out-right mockery. I feel bad for him. After weeks of pushing and prodding of the Undertaker by John Cena, the 16x World Champion finally got a response…from Taker’s brother Kane. That led to a NO-DQ match on the March 26th edition of Monday Night Raw.

The two wrestled into the audience and even had a dangerous looking barricade suplex from the nearly 51-year old Kane!

Cena then started mocking the Undertaker by mimicking his signature moves.

He finally put Kane away, though.

But at the end of the match, Cena wasn’t done taunting the Deadman.

Seriously, what is John Cena doing?

For those who have begged for a Cena heel turn, you finally have it. It isn’t an “All you fans who cheered for me are marks” heel. It is an “I want what I deserve and hey old man you suck fight me you coward” heel. For a few years now, we’ve seen a John Cena afraid of losing his spot. Now Cena is an old has-been who has lost his spot, but he hasn’t realized it yet.  Cena is so obsessed with being the top guy and getting his way and the opponents of his choice that Undertaker ignoring him is driving John crazy. He sounds desperate and angry. Almost bitter. He’s flattered the Undertaker, then insulted and finally mocked him. Nothing will get the Deadman’s attention.

Will Undertaker even show up next week or will he only answer Cena at Wrestlemania? What lengths will Cena go to in order to get Taker’s attention? I didn’t want this match at first, but Cena’s performance alone has made me want it to happen. I want Cena to rush the ring at Wrestlemania, so desperate for his match that he starts destroying everyone in his way and then…GONG!

Will Undertaker answer Cena’s challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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