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Whenever someone debuts on NXT, wins an NXT title, or transitions from NXT to the main roster, you better believe The Game is getting a picture with them. NXT is Triple H’s baby. He’s a proud pappa. He loves to take pictures and show off his grand creation.


Triple H taking pictures with up-and-coming talent is pretty much its own meme in wrestling.

But why does he do it? Asked in a recent interview, Triple H explains exactly why he posts pictures with up-and-coming talent from NXT and the main roster. And it actually makes a ton of sense.

Via the McMahonsplaining podcast from UpRoxx.

The Power of Triple H

Triple H is the future head of WWE. NXT and the Performance Center are already his creation. He also has a hand in the creative direction of the main roster. However, that still lies with Vince McMahon. But Vince has shown to be open to new ideas, despite what a lot of fans seem to think. WWE is more open to independent wrestling than it ever was. That’s because Triple H understands what the future of wrestling is. He also understands that while someone may be a huge name on the independents, that means nothing once you get to WWE. Even being big in NXT doesn’t guarantee your success.

A lot of people think Triple H is just riding the wave. But the opposite is true. He is a global superstar and a brand onto himself. His pictures are co-signing and elevating the guys and gals of NXT. The future of wrestling is bright. The Game understands that. That’s why he takes pictures with all your cult favorites. He wants them to be a part of the wrestling revolution he is building.

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