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Nia Jax has made a habit of squashing local independent talent on Monday Night Raw. This week was no different – except for the fact that her opponent was legitimately a 17-year-old high school student.

Billed as Vanessa Floyd on Raw, Missouri-based independent wrestler Savanna Stone was trained under Mike Elgin and is Zero1 USA’s Women’s Champion; and, according to Twitter user @MidnightGuthrie, she hasn’t even been wrestling a full year yet.

That’s kind of insane. And I’ll be 100% honest here: when I first saw Stone on Raw, I wrote her off; her gear looked like it was purchased from Old Navy’s athletics department. But when she started taking those monster hits from Jax, Stone impressed me – and she impressed Jax, too.

Clearly, Stone is doing something right. If she keeps doing it, maybe we’ll see her back in WWE sooner rather than later.

Were you as impressed with Savanna Stone as Nia Jax? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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