Jeremy Borash, TNA/Impact’s longest-tenured employee is moving onto WWE. The announcer, commentator, and all-arounder for the oft-maligned company has been with TNA since their inception. Before that, he worked in the last days of WCW as a ring announcer and host of WCW’s Internet talk show. Borash has been with Impact since 2002. He is the longest-serving on-screen performer for the company as well.

Who is Jeremy Borash?

Through all of their changes, Borash seemed to be the one constant. PWInsider puts into perspective how big this move is.

It’s not an understatement that Borash was in many ways the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling behind the scenes. His exit is probably one of the most shocking in Impact history. The departure is as major as Gene Okerlund jumping from Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association to the WWF in the 1980s in terms of perception, only it’s a far worse loss for Impact.

Borash did EVERYTHING behind the scenes. From ring announcing to editing segments and filming them with drones. He was everywhere.

Why hire Jeremy Borash now?

Besides being the announcer, social media guru, commentator, booker, and cameraman, Jeremy Borash was a big key behind the scenes of the “Broken” Matt Hardy character. Borash filmed and produced “Total Nonstop Deletion” and other Impact vignettes and features about the whimsical character. It seems to me that WWE wants to put a lot of creative energy behind the Broken character, and who better than the man who helped make it the phenomena it was.

When the Hardys signed with WWE last March, they wanted to bring Borash with him. But Borash was a loyal company guy and decided to stick it out with Impact.

Regardless of what is happening now, I am so happy for JB. He’s one of the hardest working guys in wrestling. He loves this business and has poured so much of his soul into it. Here’s hoping WWE sees his value but also let him take a break from having to do EVERYTHING!

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