As we wind down 2017, we will be looking back at the 20 best (and worst) moments of the year in the wrestling world. 

20. Scott Steiner’s epic press conference 

19. Sexy Star tries to break Rosemary’s arm for real.

18. JBL vs. Mauro Ranallo.

17. Asuka’s Ascendency

16. Roman Reigns Tries To Murder Braun Strowman

Here’s our article from November covering the announcement and explaining the origins of WarGames

WWE seems to be on a bit of a nostalgia run recently, at least when it comes to well-known WCW properties. WWE announced Starrcade would be returning as an un-televised live event in its ancestral home of Greensboro, North Carolina. They’re even bringing back iconic WCW southern tag team The Rock n Roll Express. During recent NXT tapings, WWE announced the return of one of the most iconic and beloved match formats in wrestling history. A match that tested the true mettle and resolve of the toughest men this sport has ever seen. A format made famous by Sting, The Road Warriors, Paul Heyman, The Freebirds, and the Four Horseman.

Great ready for…WarGames!

Cody Rhodes, whose father invented the format and has been critical of WWE using his father’s ideas in his absence, gave his blessing to the return.

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