Believe it or not, female wrestling matches in the United Arab Emirates are unheard of. At least until now, since Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are the first female wrestlers to compete in the United Arab Emirates! Here’s the story!

Not Allowed to Compete Last Year

The interesting bit about this story is that WWE’s female performers could not wrestle in the United Arab Emirates last year; this due to the culture that is maintained in this area of the world. However, times are changing, especially now that Alexa and Sasha have been able to perform!

Wearing Full Bodysuits

Of course, there were some restrictions for Sasha and Alexa, because their ring attire could not be skimpy. To solve the problem, both wrestlers came out in full body suits.

The two wrestlers did receive a warm reception from the crowd, as people in attendance stood on their feet and gave the pair a standing ovation.

Banks would say the following about this moment during an interview:

“it feels so crazy, I haven’t had this feeling in a while and right before  I went out I started crying thinking  how huge this is and how much it is bigger than me.”

“I want to make a change in the world, I want to empower women,  I want them to know that their dreams are endless and they can achieve anything.”

What This Means for Women’s Wrestling

Naturally, this is much bigger than women’s wrestling alone, because Sasha and Alexa have helped women living in countries where they are not considered as equals. In the grand scheme of things, this match is a huge signal that times are changing, so all women around the world can someday be considered just as good as men. Congratulations Alexa and Sasha.

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