One WWE wrestler I absolutely adore on a personal level is Kevin Owens. Unfortunately, bad things tend to happen often to good people. In this case, Kevin Owens’ wife fell victim to a hacker on social media. Here is the story.

Hacked Twitter Account

The hackers did not just look into her personal information when they hacked her account, they also tried to do some damage to the relationship between Kevin Owens and his wife Karina, which is absolutely despicable in my opinion!

According to reports and statements made by Karina and Kevin Steen, the hackers put out several posts about possible infidelity and tried to break the couple up.

Kevin Posts a Statement

Kevin Owens seems extremely upset because of the hacking incident, and who can blame him? Both he and his wife have made statements on social media about the event, and I could not agree with them more.

Everyone knows that Kevin Owens is a stand-up guy and a family man, which is one of the reasons why those hacker posts did not blow up as they would for some other superstars.

My View

Honestly, this is one of the most despicable things I have come across in a long time. It is quite like identity theft, so I believe that harsher punishments should come to those who hack someone’s social media account.

I feel bad for Karina and Kevin. Kevin may have chosen a life in the spotlight, but she did not. She’s a mum, and simply married the guy she loved. Now, she is getting harassed by these horrible people who are trying to break up their relationship. This is not a prank, they are playing with their marriage and their children’s feelings.

Also, choosing a life in the spotlight does not mean trolls have the right to play with these peoples’ lives. They are people like you and me, and sometimes this is forgotten. Many see WWE Superstars as their property, thinking little about their feelings, their time, and their personal life.

Unfortunately, being in the public eye does make it more difficult to cut off social media altogether. Still, famous people using social media should not be an issue. I think it’s time to put some stricter punishments in place for hackers. We all fall victim to them, so it is time to stop this mess and dish out the same punishments as they would for identity theft.

How do you think hackers should be punished? Is there a way to prevent these horrible things from happening? Let us know in the comment section below.

Your Thoughts

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