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WWE has teased putting a face to the name “Sister Abigail” essentially ever since Bray Wyatt’s debut. Unfortunately, the closest they’ve come to turning her into an actual character was back in October when it was suggested that Sister Abigail was Bray’s alter ego. But the great locker room meningitis outbreak of 2017 mercifully put the kibosh on that storyline, and Sister Abigail faded into the background once more.

Before that short-lived horror, however, there had been tons of speculation as to who could bring Sister Abigail to life, from Paige to Mae Young Classic competitor Sage Beckett. But, thanks to former WWE lead writer Tom Casiello, a name has finally been confirmed, and it’s probably the last person you’d think: Kaitlyn.

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Appearing on The Agenda Podcast in his “first and only post WWE interview,” Casiello discussed “every aspect of what would become known as the WWE Women’s Revolution,” and he revealed that a pitch was made to have the former Divas Champion play the role of Wyatt’s mysterious muse.

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Per Diva Dirt, Casiello said the plan was to have Kaitlyn join the Wyatt Family after dropping the Divas Championship to AJ Lee. However, that plan obviously never came to fruition, and Kaitlyn left WWE six months after losing the title.

Could It Still Happen?

The timing of this revelation is certainly interesting. Kaitlyn, who’s had a transformative year following her divorce from bodybuilder PJ Braun and a battle with addiction, recently revealed that she’s begun training in the ring again – although she did say that it “isn’t for some great comeback.”

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I Fucking love this picture. It’s truly worth a thousand words. I decided to start training in the ring again because it made me feel…. like me again. This isn’t for some great comeback or for fame or accolades. It’s for me. @pablomarquez94 has had an incredible impact on me and he welcomed me with open arms to his school and his world. I come a few times a week and I stay for hours. I miss the business and all the weird shit about it. Through my divorce, I lost a part of myself and went through some super fucked up stuff. I wouldn’t want to wake up some days and I just pretended it was all a nightmare. Well…. it turns out that’s not a thing. I’m 31. I have a business. It’s my decision to to wake up everyday and do some great shit. It also turns out that getting back in the ring…. inspires me. It is a symbolic representation of my life. “Tell a story. Make people believe in you. Help people relate to you. Help them feel your pain and let them connect it to their own personal struggle.” _________________________________________________ Tell your story. We’re all fighting the same fight. #maineventtrainingcenter #prowrestling #therapy

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However, it was reported in November that there was internal interest in bringing Kaitlyn back to WWE. From her social media posts, Kaitlyn enjoys wrestling. If WWE were to come calling, I wouldn’t be surprised if she answered.

Do you think Kaitlyn would have made a good Sister Abigail? Would you like to see her return to play the character? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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