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Despite what Sandra wishes, Brock Lesnar is still the Universial champion and will be so until Wrestlemania, most likely. But he still has a few dates to fill on his contract until then. Most notably, Lesnar will defend the bed-brand title at the Royal Rumble. But against who? We already know that it is OVER for Finn Balor. Roman Reigns is the IC champion and everyone else seems a bit busy. So, why not one of these two giants?

The clash of the giants. Fans were less than enthused. But the two delivered a brutal match that ended in a double count-out. Not content to leave it there, Kane and Braun exchanged blows and weapons shots until the Monster Among Men put the Devil’s Favorite Demon through a table!

So, who will get the title shot now? There has been no official announcement but the belief is that Kane and Braun will be in the match so Kane can “take the pin” from Lesnar. Lame, but I’ll take it regardless.

What will go on on Raw? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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