Wrestling has an air of reality to it. It is the battle of good vs. evil and a showcase of athletic skill and agility. But sometimes the moves are a little bit ridiculous. Just look at the Canadian Destroyer. It looks cool but has no basis in reality:

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However, there are some wrestling moves that are not only real looking but are based on real fight moves. Let’s take a look at some fake wrestling moves that are based on REAL fighting moves.

Oh, and it goes without saying but….

The Yes Lock

Daniel Bryan‘s amazing “Yes Lock” was key to his giant rise to the top of WWE.

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The move that tapped out so many is actually based on a real grappling move, the Omoplata. It was innovated by grappling master Gene LaBell, the man who Bryan learned the tap out from.

As perfect as it looks, LaBell says Daniel needs to fix one thing about it:

When asked if there are any faults in Bryan’s execution of the move, LeBell pondered for a moment before replying: “There is one thing he does wrong. He isn’t as pretty as me, so his version doesn’t have all the virtues of mine.”

It has even been used to tap out people in REAL fights.

The Rock Bottom

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? The Rock Bottom is one of the most iconic moves in wrestling history:

But surely no one uses it in real life, right? Well, not quite. But The Rock HAS used it in some of his movies.

Next up, the move perfected by WWE’s newest megastar.

Cross Armbreaker

Former WWE star and current crazy person, Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) brought the cross-arm-breaker to WWE:

Of course, it is based on an actual move, but unlike Del Rio’s version, the real one doesn’t allow people to stay in it for long. Just look at new WWE star and UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey:


Did we leave out a move? Let us know in the comments below.

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