This year’s Survivor Series is promising to be the biggest iteration of this event in years. The build has been Wrestlemania-worthy, and the card is stacked with intriguing matches. WWE is pulling out all the stops for the show that for the last few years has been treated as nothing more than a mid-level event. The RI team is back to give you our predictions on what we think will happen and what we WANT to happen. Per usual, I suspect Sandra and Katie will get most everything correct. But for me, Hunter, I will not learn lessons from the past and fantasy book this show into KayfabeLand.

Here are our SOLID LOCK Predictions!

The Bar Vs. The Usos

Sandra: I believe The Usos will win. Let’s face it; the New Day interfered in the match for a reason to ensure the Shield would lose. The teams are quite on par with each other, but I chalk this one up to the Usos.

Katie: Despite having the least build-up of all the matches on the card, The Bar vs. The Usos could easily steal the show. It could also go either way, but I’m predicting a win for The Usos here simply because they just turned face and need to keep the momentum going.

Hunter: These are four guys who can steal the show when given a chance. Expect some hard-hitting and some dangerous spots. I think The Bar comes away strong on this one, as they need to remain the major foils for The Shield moving forward.

The Miz Vs. Baron Corbin

Sandra: I predict that the Miz will pick up the win for this one. When it comes to cunning strategies and cheating techniques, the Miz has everyone beat. Even though Corbin scores better in the power department, I think the Miz will have little problem outsmarting the Lone Wolf.

Katie: I’m predicting that this will be the most underwhelming match on the main card. I also don’t think there’s any way someone as entertaining as The Miz could lose to someone as blasé as Baron Corbin, so I think The Miz will pick up the W.

Hunter: The Miz is having the best year of his career. He’s going to break the IC reign-record and continues to be a great villain. But I think Corbin gets the win here. Mainly because he “needs” it. He’s been eating poo for the last few months, but it is clear that the higher-ups are still positive about his future. The Miz is one of the few talents on the roster who can get destroyed and it not hurt him.

Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto

Sandra: Even though Kalisto could beat Enzo Amore one-on-one easily, the win will probably go to Enzo Amore. I also believe Drew Gulak will play a massive role in Enzo retaining the title.

Katie: Can’t agree more with Sandra on this one. As much as I hate to admit it, Enzo has been quite an entertaining champion, and Drew Gulak has completely upped the ante. Enzo retains, most likely thanks to some interference.

Hunter: This could be a chance to show-off the storylines going on on 205 Live. I hope we see Drew Gulak and others get involved in this match. This could be a good chance to put the belt on Kalisto and have him feud with a few other high-flyers. That’s what needs to happen to make the division stand on its own. Enzo’s reign is refreshing, but he is severely limited in-ring. If they want to make this the show for WRESTLING fans, Kalisto needs to come out victorious.

The Shield Vs. The New Day

Sandra: Since the Shield lost their tag team titles because of interference of the New Day, so they are out for revenge. Of course, the Shield is one of the most dominant tag teams in history, so I believe the team will have no problems beating the New Day.

Katie: Words can’t adequately express how excited I am for this match. The Shield and New Day are both in my top three stables of all time; dare I say they’re Nos. 1 and 2, respectively. It’s going to be a fantastic match, but ultimately The Shield will come out on top. The Great Locker Room Meningitis Outbreak of 2017 robbed us of a proper Shield reunion/win at TLC, and we deserve to see it now.

Hunter: There’s a long-talked-about rumor that a few years ago it was between Roman and Big E on who would be the next “guy” for the company. It is clear Roman won the debate, but everyone who pays attention should see that Big E is the strongest booked of the New Day. Of the three, it is believed Big E is due for a singles run in the future. That all being said, it is the Shield’s time. They’re getting built back up. Expect a good match that the Hounds of Justice eventually get the win over. But look out for how Big E is portrayed. You’ll see a lot of similarities in how Roman is made to look; strong.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Charlotte

Sandra: This is a match that could go either way, I have to be honest. Charlotte is undoubtedly the more experienced and the most athletic, but Alexa is still one of the more popular women on the roster. However, looking at it realistically, I give Charlotte the win.

Katie: Another match featuring my top two favorite talents in their division. I think Alexa Bliss is fantastic and 100% deserving of her high position in the company, but Charlotte will get the win here, proving that the Queen still reigns supreme.

Hunter: Charlotte wins this one convincingly. She is on a wave right now, and WWE should ride it all the way through.

Women’s Survivor Series Match

Sandra: Hands-down team Raw. Not only is the SmackDown team missing Charlotte, but the Raw team also has the undefeated Asuka. I don’t see Asuka being beaten now, so team Raw will take the win here.

Katie: I have two predictions for this match. The first is that Natalya will be Charlotte’s replacement on Team SmackDown (sorry Paige fans). The second is that Raw will win because of Asuka.

Hunter: Asuka will be the sole survivor. For all the flip-flopping that happens in the women’s division, it is time to create that ultimate badass. That person is going to be Asuka. As for the replacement for Charlotte…expect a certain TWIN to make a comeback.

Men’s Survivor Series Match

Sandra: if you look at the sheer superstar power on the Raw side, then it is clear Raw will win. Honestly, who can beat a team consisting of Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Triple H, and Kurt Angle?

Katie: While Team Raw has some major star power, Team SmackDown isn’t anything to laugh at. Furthermore, there’s some serious tension between Triple H and Kurt Angle – and I’m making a bold prediction that it will cost Team Raw the win.

Hunter: I can’t believe this is a real match that is happening. This is a video game creation. The match looked to be big BEFORE Trips put himself in the match. These are ten of the biggest stars. It could go either way. So many good match-ups and “OMG” moments potential. This is a match that is so stacked that the outcome is bound to upset some people. I’ll go with a safe pick and say Braun wins for Team Raw. Expect Owens and Zayn to make themselves known during the match.

Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles

Sandra: even though Styles is the only man who could get a good match out of Brock Lesnar, the WWE is protecting Lesnar until WrestleMania. Even though he cannot lose the title, I don’t think they’ll make him lose this match. I’m cursing the WWE for this already, but I believe Lesnar will take the win. Should Styles win? Of course, he should. Will the WWE give him the win? Of course not.

Katie: I’m no fan of Brock Lesnar’s, but I’m always surprised by how much I enjoy his matches. This match will be no different. And despite the marked physical differences between them, Lesnar and AJ Styles are pretty evenly matched. Both are the World Champions of their respective brands. Both are former IWGP Heavyweight Champions. And they are both titans of the sport. Ultimately, however, I think Lesnar will win – but not without a hard-fought battle.

Hunter: Brock will win, but it will be a question of how long the match will be. Brock’s been hesitant to break the 5 minutes barrier his last few outings. But maybe with a talent the level of AJ’s, the Beast will step up and give us at least ten minutes. I won’t be shocked if Brock gets a breather via interference from Mahal and company. AJ can have a good match with anyone. If Brock decides to step up to his potential, this could be a great one. Here’s hoping!

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