WWE is really going crazy with these title changes during their UK tapings. Last night The Bar slinked past The Shield to win the tag titles after shenanigans from The New Day.

Tonight though, another title changed hands on Smackdown Live. It is even bigger and the implications for Survivor Series are GIGANTIC!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.


Jinder Mahal faced off against AJ Styles for the WWE title. It was widely believed that the Singh Bros would once again work with Mahal to cheat and win. But instead….

Yes, you read that right. AJ Styles is the NEW WWE Champion!

And it set up an AMAZING match for Survivor Series!

This is great. Jinder Mahal’s title reign was a big failure. The fans never got to liking him or even hating him. Not only that but up until tonight most if his matches were lackluster. Leave it to the Phenomenal One to really bring out the best in him.

Smackdown Live continues to be AJ Styles’ brand. He is constantly in the main event and has been champion or in contention for a title since he debuted.

AJ Styles was only supposed to be a bit-player. Vince thought he’d become a good mid-card hand and nothing more. But everywhere he goes AJ Styles rises to the top. Why? Because he’s better than anyone. He’s the best wrestler in the world. No one puts on better shows or can wrestle every style perfectly as good as him. AJ wins these titles because he deserves them. Because he draws people in and makes them believe. I hope AJ Styles keeps the title for a while. Would love to see him defend it at Wrestlemania.

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