I’m a big Lucha fan, so I certainly believe there are a lot of wrestlers on there that could make their stamp on the bigger WWE stage. Here are the Lucha Underground wrestlers of which I believe deserve a shot at a WWE contract.

Taya Valkyrie

Taya is undoubtedly one of my favorite female wrestlers on the roster. She is a genuine bad ass and could do amazing on the WWE women’s roster.

Unfortunately, as discussed in the Talk Is Jericho podcast. Taya was stripped of her AAA title under much controversy. Her future with Lucha Underground is unclear since Taya Valkyrie made her debut on Impact Wrestling on September 7th, 2017. Does this mean she stays on Impact and a WWE debut in the nearby future is out of the question?

Rey Mysterio

Well, the following name does not require much introduction or clarification. Rey Mysterio is the wrestler who got me into wrestling in the first place, and he’s doing extremely well on Lucha Underground. However, I would like to see some matches including Mysterio on WWE television again.

I must mention that it does not seem like Rey will be making his return to the WWE anytime soon. Lucha Underground has confirmed Rey Mysterio for the next season of Lucha Underground.

Marty “the Moth” Martinez

The Moth has a huge following on Lucha Underground, despite his serious creepiness factor. Marty could be a good addition to the WWE main roster since the company is missing some creepiness since the departure of the Undertaker. Marty “the Moth” Martinez could deliver that creepy factor.

Pentagon Jr.

Even though there are plenty of Luchadors on the WWE roster, Pentagon Jr. is certainly something different. Pentagon Jr. is as vicious as they come, so not just another addition to the WWE’s Cruiserweight division. No, Pentagon Jr. should be on the WWE main roster.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Pentagon Jr. will be heading to the WWE anytime soon. He is the current Lucha Underground Champion, so I’m sure he’s quite happy with this promotion at this time.

Prince Puma

While the actual identity of Prince Puma is unknown, many people believe Prince Puma is Ricochet, a.k.a. Trevor Mann. At the end of Lucha Underground season 3, Prince Puma was defeated by Pentagon Jr., leading people to believe he might be on his way to a different promotion. I certainly hope that promotion is the WWE.

Which Lucha Underground star would you like to see in the WWE? Put your suggestions in the comment section below! I’m curious to see what you think!

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