James Ellsworth, the chin-less jobber turned cult favorite has been released by WWE. It is hard to think of a guy who took bigger advantage of such a small moment than James Ellsworth. Originally brought in as a puny wrestler for Braun Strowman to squash, Ellsworth captured the hearts of the WWE universe with his weird look and can-do attitude. He even feuded with Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles over the WWE title for a time and had multiple matches for the championship. Eventually, he moved onto being Carmella’s valet/manservant/pet helping her win the Money In The Bank briefcase in controversial fashion.

James Ellsworth’s Improbable Run

Ellsworth making it as far as he did, especially in today’s WWE is downright unbelievable. He took his puny loser gimmick and ran with it for over a year. Ellsworth was a major player in several big feuds. He became a household name and traveled the world along with WWE.

Several wrestlers and fans took to Twitter to pay tribute to the Chinless Wonder.

Ellsworth addressed his release and gave his thanks for the time he had

I hope we see Ellsworth back on TV in a few years. He’d be a good nostalgia act. No one can ever take away his success.

Expect to see Ellsworth on a local indie show near you soon. The guy proved he could go in the ring and cut a good promo. He sold being a clueless goofball perfectly. Good luck in your future endeavors, you really earned it and made the most of your spot!

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