Earlier in the night on Raw Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon showed up to speak with Raw GM Kurt Angle. Angle thanked McMahon for the loan of AJ Styles. He also traded a few barbs and promised to bring it at Survivor Series. Friendly banter, right? Well, apparently it was more than banter. The entire Smackdown Roster showed up and decided to fire a huge shot in the build to Survivor Series. We got ourselves a good ol-fashioned invasion! I love this stuff! Nothing gets me more excited than some good backstage brawling and chaos!

Curiously missing from the shenanigans were Smackdown stars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Owens, who had to leave a South American tour early to be with his family, was presumably with his family. But what about Zayn? He took to Twitter to explain his actions.

Why Sami Zayn Abandoned Smackdown

When Sami Zayn intervened in the Hell in A Cell match between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon, he did it because he was tired of dealing with Shane as a GM. He saw that the only way for him to get success was to follow KO and just destroy everyone in his path. Not to wait for his spot but to take it. He saw the light that McMahon didn’t care about him and that he had to make his own opportunities.

It is clear that Zayn and Owens are on the outs with Shane and the rest of the Smackdown roster. I get the feeling we will get more of an explanation about this tonight on Smackdown. Here’s what WWE.com has to say about it:

After the bout, KO & Zayn returned to the back, eager to return to their mockery of Bryan, only to find out that their future is now in the hands of the returning SmackDown LIVE Commissioner, Shane McMahon.What will Shane have in store for the two reunited friends?

It seems a fair bet that after last night’s events, Zayn and Owens will not be on the Survivor Series team for Smackdown Live. I’d be willing to go as far to say that they’re going to attempt to sabotage the team or even jump ship. Either prospect is pretty exciting.

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