The October 9th episode of RAW will go down in the history books as one of the greats. The night started out with a monumental Shield reunion and then had a big title change to cap off the night. The crowd was into it all night and the talent delivered a great night. After Smackdown’s monumental Hell In A Cell PPV, it was an astounding 48 hours for WWE.

Let’s get into it with the five craziest moments from RAW!

The Shield Reassembles!

An episode of MizTV kicked off Raw. The Miz and his new lackeys The Bar showered themselves with praise for destroying Roman Reigns the week before. The Big Dawg then came out to challenge The Miztourage. The A-lister taunted Reigns, but he didn’t have much to say once Reigns’ former partners joined him on the ramp. The Hounds of Justice cleaned house, destroying Cesaro, Sheamus, and Axel. They cornered Miz and we got definitive proof that the Shield was BACK! The moment led to Kurt Angle announcing The Shield vs the Miztourage in a TLC Match at the eponymous PPV! For those history buffs, that is the match and the PPV where the Shield made their in-ring debut! But if you REALLY want to see the Shield back to full-strength, click through to the next page.


We Finally Met Sister Abigail And It Was as Weird As You’d Imagine

Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor’s feud continues to confound and creep-out the WWE Universe. Which is a good thing because true emotional reactions are unfortunately a rarity. Last week, Wyatt told us Abigail was alive and that she was DYING to meet Balor. Would we finally meet Wyatt’s muse? Well, sort of. It was a weird and disturbing. Watch the segment for yourself.

Who Will Be Fed To Asuka?

Undefeated NXT megastar Asuka will make her main roster debut at the TLC PPV. But who will face her? To determine that, Kurt Angle put Bayley, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox, and Emma in an elimination match. The winner would face the Empress of Tomorrow. Emma eventually won. This isn’t a surprise as she was one of the first opponents for Asuka in NXT.

Click NEXT if you want to see the moment that reminded us of how awesome and powerful The Shield can be!

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