Kane has always been a devastating force in the WWE, but that does not mean he is any less funny than other WWE superstars. Kane has been responsible for many funny moments over the years, and here are some of our personal favorites.

Going to Disneyland!

The funniest Kane moments can often be traced to his time as Daniel Bryan’s tag team partner. The pair made an absolutely hilarious duo, which included the “going to Disneyland” statement. The statement followed after Kane unloaded a bucket of water on his current tag team partner!

Kane and Santino with Extra Mustard

Everyone knows Kane has some anger issues, so you do well not to ask for extra mustard if he is serving you a hot dog! This is a lesson that was learned by Santino. Of course, he learned it the hard way, getting some extra mustard on himself instead of on his hot dog.

Wearing a Mask Pays Off

Chicks dig the mask, at least accordion to Kane who got a passionate kiss from Terri. Fortunately for us, his mask led us to this unforgettable promo.

Kane is also a master mimic and impersonator. 

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