Earlier this year, Mick Foley left WWE to get a few surgeries and get a break from the fast pace of being on TV every week. Since he’s been off Raw, Foley has hit the independent circuit and gotten himself into a bit of hot water with wrestling purists over his actions. In April, Foley underwent hip replacement surgery. Never afraid of gore, he took to Facebook to show off the gnarly scar.

Now The Hardcore Legend is going under the knife one more time.

Mick Foley’s Most Dangerous Moves

It shouldn’t shock us that Foley is undergoing so many surgeries. Despite being in his early 50s, Foley has the body of someone in his 70s. Not due to a lack of diet and exercise, but due to the dangerous falls and bumps the Hardcore Legend took for our pleasure and entertainment.

Like when he’d dive to the outside to the concert floor.

Image result for mick foley elbow

Or bash his back against it.

Image result for mick foley bump

Foley has taken a lot of punishment. It is a miracle he’s still able to walk and use his extremities. It is nice to see that despite all the injuries and surgery, Foley has never lost his positive attitude and infectious sense of humor.

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