The Miz & Maryse had some happy news to share during this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, because the couple announced that they were expecting their first child!

The Announcement During Monday Night RAW

Monday Night RAW got a whole lot better when the Miz and Maryse came out for another install of Miz TV. Once in the ring, we saw a serious Miz, who deviated from his normal heel persona to make the announcement to the world. We at Ringside wish the happy couple nothing but happiness!

Could the Pregnancy Be a Storyline?

One of the first things I thought was that the pregnancy was a storyline, because it would not be the first time the WWE uses such a story to boost ratings. However, the way the announcement was made seemed to be quite genuine.

We do need to mention that the WWE released an official statement regarding the pregnancy, which certainly seems to indicate that the announcement is true. Maryse has also been spotted wearing some looser and not-so-revealing clothing.

Of course, the WWE did use the pregnancy for a little storyline with Enzo Amore, who could not help but to insult the couple and even imply that the Miz is not the father of the baby. So, it was certainly an eventful pregnancy announcement.

Will Maryse Wrestle in the Women’s Division After Her Pregnancy?

Ever since Maryse came back to the WWE, I have been waiting for her to join the women’s division again. I used to love seeing Maryse in the ring, but so far she has fulfilled a valet function for her husband Mike. With her pregnancy, it certainly seems like Maryse is not planning a return to the ring anytime soon.

Maryse also has plenty of stuff to do outside the ring, since she and her husband have been flipping houses for years. Outside the ring, she is an experienced businesswoman, so a pregnancy could mean that Maryse is thinking about retirement permanently.

Of course, having a baby does not mean that you should give up on wrestling altogether. A prime example of this is Brie Bella, who gave birth to Birdie earlier this year. While it was believed that the former wrestler would retire from wrestling permanently, recent videos on the Bella Twins YouTube channel seemed to indicate that Brie is thinking about making a comeback to the ring.

Still, there is no official word from Brie stating that she will come back to the ring. She has been releasing a lot of baby videos lately, so she is certainly enjoying her role as a mum.

With Maryse being pregnant, I expect some interesting storylines during the next season of Total Divas. Once again, congratulations to the Miz and Maryse!

Were you surprised to learn about the pregnancy on Monday Night RAW? Will you be following the Miz & Maryse on Total Divas? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below! We look forward to reading them.

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