Daniel Bryan is retired from wrestling. At least when it comes to working in the WWE. Bryan has expressed interest in working outside of WWE once his contract expires, and his wife has given him her blessing. In the last week, Bryan has been RTing articles remembering his old Ring of Honor Days.

He said he thinks about “tapping out” members of the Bullet Club, possibly back in Ring of Honor.

But what if Daniel Bryan had one last match in WWE? Who would we want to face?

The Artist of Smackdown Live responded!

Could this match happen? Highly unlikely. Nakamura is a top player in WWE and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. Bryan also answered a host of other questions during his Twitter Q&A

On if he’d ever put his beard on the line.

Who he thinks the best wrestlers in the world are.

On his skills vs Kurt Angles’.

And on reincarnation.

I liked reading through this Q&A. Bryan is a smart guy who still loves and thinks a lot about wrestling. I am not on board with him wrestling again. But of course, the decision is ultimately his.

Would you want to see Daniel Bryan wrestle one more time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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