Even though Baron Corbin already lost his Money In The Bank briefcase, you can still purchase a part of the history from WWEShop.com. It is a commemorative plaque recalling the location, date, and context of Corbin’s MITB win. Not necessarily for everyone, but a great gift for completists, hardcore fans, and everyone who loves Big Banter.

However, there was something odd about the Baron Corbin picture and people noticed it immediately.

Here’s another, un-edited photo that shows what Corbin’s hairline really looks like.

The weird thing here is that Corbin’s hairline isn’t that bad. It looks thicker in the photoshop, sure. But it also looks almost gray? Why would they do that? We know that Vince and WWE are image conscious, but perhaps this is taking a bit too far. Just let the guy’s hairline live as it is. His character isn’t based on his hair.

What do you think? Innocent mistake or a total photoshop fail? 

Your Thoughts

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