The rumors about Ronda Rousey’s impending arrival in WWE are certainly heating up after what happened this week. Rousey has been rumored to be making the transition to professional wrestling ever since her infamous moment at Wrestlemania 31 with the Rock in a stand-off against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Image result for ROnda rousey wrestlemania

Image result for ROnda rousey wrestlemania

Rousey is most likely done with the Octagon and has been a lifelong fan of WWE. It would make sense for one of the biggest stars in UFC history to make a move to WWE. The money and the media would be astronomical. Rousey added fuel to the fire this week by appearing in the audience for the inaugural Mae Young Classic.

Rousey was there to support friend and fellow “Four Horsewoman” of MMA, Shayna Baszler. That is notable in itself, but it is what happened during Baszler’s match that has the entire wrestling world buzzing!

Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen

WWE’s Horsewomen confronted Rousey and her fellow Horsewomen of MMA. Things got a bit heated, and the crowd ATE it up!

Mikayla’s justified in freaking out. This feud would be THE MATCH-UP in wrestling. It would surpass anything Lesnar has done in the last year. This isn’t a confirmation that Rousey is coming to the WWE, but it sure looks like she’s getting into wrestling and possibly her first feud.

Could Ronda Rousey Wrestle?

Baszler is already a trailblazer on the American independent scene. She became a top female star in a brief amount of time. If she were to team-up with Rousey against some of the WWE’s Horsewomen, it would be one of the biggest wrestling matches builds in recent history. There’s already a well-documented history of MMA stars moving to the squared circle. Despite the glaring difference, MMA and wrestling share a lot of the same physicality, skill sets, and movement. Rousey would need a year or more of training at least. However, I believe she has the drive and athletic ability to make it in wrestling.

Do you want to see Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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