Roman Reigns destroyed Braun Strowman by throwing him into an ambulance and ramming the vehicle into a trailer. Reigns came off looking like a sore loser.

In the re-cap of the events, WWE portrays Roman as an unhinged monster who went too far. Just look at how they frame the incident on their website:

it would stand to reason that Raw General Manager Kurt Angle would be ready to hold The Guy accountable rather than reward him with a title match at The Biggest Party of the Summer.

Reigns’ title shot might not actually be coming at Summerslam. He lost and his behavior surely merits some punishment. There are also rumors that Lesnar loved his match with Samoa Joe and the two have such great chemistry there might be a rematch in the works.

Reigns will be facing Joe in a #1 Contender’s Match. The winner will face Brock at SummerSlam. Expect Strowman to interfere, destroy Reigns, and help Joe get his 2nd match against the Beast.

Is this the “Double Turn” everyone is hoping for?

Following Great Balls of Fire, the Internet was aflame with speculation that WWE had pulled off the rare “Double Turn.” A double turn is when during the course of a match a bad guy and a good guy seem to trade places. The most famous example is between Steve Austin and Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13, but as Bryan Alvarez pointed out during Wrestling Observer Live, the turn wasn’t immediate, there was still a build-up. Wrestling isn’t about instant pay-off, despite what our “Now!” society wants. Ever since Wrestlemania, we’ve been seeing a harder edge around Reigns. He isn’t focusing on pandering to the crowd, and at times has returned the hostility with smugness and strength.

Triple H himself as said that Reigns may not be a cut-and-dry babyface. I tend to agree with him. Reigns is just on the cusp of being the uber-monster that Vince needs. Perhaps WWE has realized that the money in Roman lies in his destructive power and his fearsome presence. The experiment as a “good guy” may have failed. But then again, there are a lot of fans who seem to think otherwise.

Reigns and Strowman are not finished with each other. They will have another tear-down brawl soon, probably at SummerSlam. I’m expecting a Three Stages of Hell match that puts the two men through the ringer once more.

Regardless, we have the feud of the year on our hands. The two of them show terrific chemistry in the ring and the feud is boiling magma hot. Here’s hoping for more brawls, blood, and barbarism from The Monster and the Man.

What do you expect to happen with Reigns? Share your thoughts.

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