There are a lot of streaks worth celebrating in wrestling. There’s the Undertaker‘s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. There’s the record-breaking streak Asuka is currently on as NXT Women’s Champion. But some aren’t as glamours. Some streaks just reflect the reality of the world of professional wrestling. Enter Curt Hawkins. The man who tells foes to “FACE THE FACTS” has to deal with some facts of his own. Mainly his incredible LOSING streak. Hawkins has lost his last 100 matches!

Curt Hawkins

Hawkins has not won since November of 2016 when he beat Apollo Crews in a fluke.

The reason for this losing streak is simple. Hawkins is a jobber. This role means it is his job to make other wrestlers look good by losing to them. You can feel sorry for him and think it is a sign he is a “bad” wrestler. But actually, his longevity in WWE proves how valuable he is to the company and up-and-coming talent.

The History of Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins has had a long, and somewhat distinguished, career in WWE. He got his start as an “Edgehead” teaming with Zack Ryder. They were the Rated-R Superstar’s lackeys and interfered in a lot of his matches.

The team won the WWE Tag Team Championships. Hawkins took a break from WWE from 2014-2016, founding his wrestling school (Create-A-Pro) in New York. He also won the TNA Tag Championships during this time.

Hawkins’ role is vital in WWE. Being an “enhancement talent” aka a “jobber” is necessary to make the top and up-and-coming stars look good. Hawkins is solid and consistent enough in the ring that WWE trusts him to make guys look like a million bucks. In some ways, he’s more valuable than your average mid-card wrestler. His job is to put on good, believable matches that elevate wrestlers headed for big things.

Congrats on all your um…” success” Curt! FACE THE FACTS!

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